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SAFF 2013 Films - Cluster 7 - Focus on Sikhlens Concert Showcase


Date: Sunday November 24, 2013
Time: to be announced


Concluding the 2013 SAFF will be the: Sikhlens Showcase- a segment featuring Sikh Musicians, Performers and Artists coming together to share a stage in a never seen before Performance Concert.


This year Sikhlens is proud to present the Inaugural Sikhlens Showcase segment to the lineup to help creative Sikhs connect with fans and festival attendees. For the first time, Sikhlens will provide artists a platform to take the stage and represent their talents. In addition, performances will pay tribute to the recent Wisconsin tragedy. A collaboration of an amazing blend of performers and creative minds - a perfect way to wrap up the Sikhlens: 2013 Sikh Arts & Film Festival!


Cluster 7 Schedule

Name: to be announced

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